No Name Ranch

The NoName Ranch produces all-natural beef, raised and processed right here in Wynnewood Oklahoma. Bruce and Joan Buechner raise a unique breed of cattle known for its leanness and great flavor, using organic techniques in Wynnewood OK. Their cattle feed on native Oklahoma grasses and drink fresh spring water before being supplemented with a blend of all-natural grain. Free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, NoName Ranch beef is a healthy home grown alternative.

Besides selling the NoName Ranch All-Natural Beef to Irma's Burger Shack, The Coach House, and The Metro, the NoName Ranch sells the same beef to private individuals through Irmas - cut up, packaged in halves and fourths in Krylon wrapping and frozen-ready to eat tonight. We can also provide you with rib-eyes, t-bones, porter house, sirloin, flank, skirt and chicken-fried steaks. If you are interested in the products offered by the NoName Ranch please call them for more information and prices.

NoName Ranch - Wynnewood, Oklahoma

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